Where to go in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan, the one that attracts most tourists in India. It feels fairly crowded unless you are coming straight from Delhi ! The Pink City takes you back in time, don’t miss visiting the market where it is interesting to discover rajasthani arts and crafts.


Where to eat in Jaipur : 

 Indian Coffee House : our favorite place in Jaipur ! This small coffee house has a soul and will make you feel at home. Food is good and cheap and we found it entertaining to watch senior Indian citizens debating about politics for hours.

Dasaprakash : really good South Indian food, good service and reasonable prices. Try the neer dosa I can still remember its comforting fluffy texture!

Copper chimney : it is a chain that offers the best of North Indian cuisine. A safe bet when you’re not sure where to go.


What to do :

Amber Fort : I had visited this place in 2005 and was only dreaming of coming back. I was not disappointed and the Backpacker loved it too. The most magical room is the one with mirrors on walls and ceiling. While you are in the area make sure to visit the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing where you will learn everything about block-printing techniques and local textile manufacturing. Anokhi is one of my favorite brands in India, it is involved in protecting the know-how and ancient techniques.

Hawa Mahal : if you have to choose between the Jantar Mantar, the City Palace and the Hawal Mahal pick the latter. The best thing to do is to pass by the building at night, when the windows are lighted from within. Breathtaking!

the Monkey temple : drive away from the city and reach the hills late afternoon. Go throught the Monkey temple to say “Namaste” to the sacred monkeys of the Hanuman temple. Beware of monkeys, they’re super smart and they’ll do anything to try to steal things from you, especially if you carry food! Keep walking to reach a higher hill where you can visit the Surya Temple on time for sunset for an unforgettable view on the city of Jaipur. Do not pay any entrance fee and do not believe any local requesting you to pay for a ride to the top of the hill. Be careful, this area is the worst tourist trap after the Taj Mahal !

Where to stay :

– We stayed at the Moustache hostel and we had an amazing experience. Run by a team of trendy people of Jaipur, this clean and well-decorated hostel also offers a rooftop restaurant that is open to public. Enjoy the good food, deejay and party with the locals at night. The view isn’t great but it’s always nice to be outdoors. The hostel offers a really useful map of the city and many activities such as yoga classes or small informal group tours of the city. There is the food tour but we went for the Night City Tour and we really discovered another facet of the Pink City.

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