Pack what? part 4 : the WaxPack

So the question is : how to handle hair removal and stay glamourous at all times while backpacking ?


Pack what? part 2 : cosmetics!

You want to keep being a princess while backpacking? We tell you which cosmetics to pack for this beautiful adventure !

Backpacking Beauty Secrets: all-in-one coconut oil

Congratulations! You are about to discover the magic of coconut oil! Using multipurpose products when you travel is a must. Let’s take a close look at coconut oil which can be easily found in Asia. You can obviously use it to cook (rich in fatty acids, vitamin E (antioxidant) and antibacterial agents that prevent intestinal…

Pack what? part 1 : clothes

Ready to ditch your suitcase for a backpack? In this serie of articles “Pack what?” Princess & Backpacker help you pick carefully the lucky items that will travel with you. Let’s start with clothes. First of all you need to understand something a bit contradictory : when you travel your bag is all you have…