In Agra we saw so much more than the Taj Mahal

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On the road to Agra we saw:

– A tiny orange sun rising over the Indian countryside.

– Hundreds of Indians confidently delivering their morning poo along the railways, facing the train that was taking us from Delhi to Agra (yes I have written more glamorous sentences in my life).

– A French Insta-yogini performing an Insta-asana for an Insta-photo in a Muslim tumb. No comment.

– The bright blue uniforms of Indian schoolgirls showing off their even brighter smiles while enthusiastically enjoying their visit of the Baby Taj. So much energy!

– A group of Spanish tourists wearing traditional saris at the Taj Mahal.

Male visitors going three times faster than women in the queue to enter the Taj Mahal.

– The same Spanish tourists complaining because the men were moving faster and as a French girl having a healthy passion for complaining I couldn’t agree more with them! 

– An Indian dad proudly wearing a pink beard and a pink moustache #nevertoopink.

Chewing-gum jam (or an unidentified Indian fruit) on morning toasts.

We saw the Lal Qila, the Baby Taj (beautiful), the Yamuna River and last but not least: we saw the Taj Mahal, on which we added a small Eiffel tower!

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