Princess & Backpacker on Woovly

The Woovly team invited us to share our experience on their website dedicated to making Bucket List come alive! Click here to discover the complete article.


Regarding the trip, Lauren feels like it made her grow as a human being. […] This 5-months trip was absolutely incredible, we didn’t plan much in advance and decided to go with the flow. The best part is definitely the people we met on the way and that are still friends as of today.”

PrincessandBackpacker and friends

Also, Max and herself experienced total freedom. They created a situation where they could do what they wanted when they wanted, the way they wanted.

“It takes you back to your core and makes you ask yourself questions: what do I want to do with my life, what do I like to do when I am completely free etc. In our modern society, we are not used to that and it is an interesting posture to experience.”

Spending five months with just one bag of clothes made Lauren realize that we are way too attached to material things. Backpacking trip takes you away from shopping while traveling makes you focus on other things you can experience. She feels that we should not depend on things and we don’t need to accumulate or show off our material possessions to exist.


Backpacking is an empowering experience that gives you a sense of contentment and freedom. I had never traveled backpacking before, it was challenging but a very empowering experience. It’s crazy how shaking your thoughts can change the way you see your world.”

“I believe you should create a new bucket list each year. There is nothing in this world that is not constantly changing. Use it as a guide in order to motivate you, feel a sense of accomplishment if you check things off your list. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t. Also, less is more, enjoy the journey more than the destination.”

Go for it! Even if it sounds crazy to your friends and family at the beginning. Take risks, test your limits, get out of your comfort zone, question all the beliefs you have about yourself. There is nothing you cannot do! You will not regret the things you dare to do. NOW is always the right time!”

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