On Missing home and Making New Lifelong Friends on the Road

Travelling is amazing and I am grateful that I can make it part of my life almost every year. I feel like it is part of my DNA and I would miss it if I wasn’t exposed to an international environment. 

However after a few weeks, months travelling, it happens that I am beginning to miss home.

From France – the country itself – to be honest I only miss my favorite Boulangerie-Pâtisserie! What I miss the most are my family and my friends. Sometimes I wish I could just be home for a day, sometimes I wish they would be here to share the amazing things I discover while travelling. It also sucks to miss family ans friends life events like birthdays, weddings and arrival of newborns. 

Truth is, the more you travel, the more you make friends abroad and chances are you will not meet them often, but these friendships remain and sometimes grow with time in spite of the distance. I miss my childhood friends as well as the good friends I made on the way from London, Miami, Buenos Aires and Mumbai.

In Yoga it is said that “what gives you pleasure gives you pain”. It suggests that Attachment brings Pain. However, as human beings and social animals we often get attached to the people we meet. Away from home, these new friends are our home. They become a new comfort zone where we learn from differences and find similarities even being brought up so many miles away. They become a new comfort zone in the sense that we feel safe in their company in a context that is often unfamiliar, in their presence we can relax and be ourselves. We can ask them all the questions we have on their culture, have deep and meaningful conversations about life, comparing our countries but also, on a lighter note, just enjoying the moment, the food, the music, the best places to go out or even have fun staying at home. 

So yes you will always miss your good friends and family and it is the biggest sacrifice you make when travelling or living abroad, and yes you’ll meet new amazing people and miss them as soon as you move again 🙂 

They are our best memories and it is thanks to them that we want to go back to their countries and travel again. 

This article is dedicated to all the amazing friends I have made on the road. Can’t wait to meet you again in your country or in Europe ❤️

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