Rainy season at Kovalam Beach

After a 30-mn bus ride from Trivandrum and a good walk, we passed by all ayurvedic resorts and restaurants to finally reach our hotel, the closest to the lighthouse. The smiling team of hour hotel at Kovalam beach upgraded us to a seaview room and it was an absolute delight to enjoy the view when we woke up. In the morning, instead of picking up their nets and boats, local fishermen were busy spreading towels on sunbeds for tourists ! 

The touristic season ends in April when Indian summer holidays start. During low season, there are more people working than actual customers. We ended up eating twice at Kingfisher Sea Corner for their really soft and tasty coconut naan. In spite of the welcoming “free wifi spot” sign at the entrance of the restaurant we couldn’t connect and our full attention was american country music playlist that was obviously on repeat mode. Our friendly waiter managed to teach us a few words in malayalam, the local language, using basis or English and Tamil (and no we don’t speak tamil!). 
We tried our luck with an ayurvedic massage at the hotel. Jaya took care of me with a lot of love, positive energy and a good sense of humour. Still, I ended up stuck in a white wooden box with my head out of a circle. It reminded me of the French Revolution’s guillotine ! It was supposed to be a steam bath.

The Backpacker tried sirodhara where they pour ayurvedic oil on the forehead drop by drop (but fast). It was a relaxing 45 minutes experience, it gives a very sublte, gentle and delicate massage. It was very unique, you can’t find these types of massages everywhere. 

We witnessed a memorable sunset, with huge waves and a red dot – the sun – diving into the Arabian sea. As if the storm patiently waited for the sun to finish its daily show, as soon as the sun disappeared, heavy moonsoon rains took over and brought all tourists back home faster than expected. 

The Vizhinjam lighthouse is definitly worth a visit (it’s the only touristic attraction we found anyways). The lighthouse is well-equipped with a speaking elevator that greets you when you go in and out and the view from the top is unique and gives you the opportunity to breathe some fresh air ! 

Quick note from the Princess to other princesses : don’t forget to tie your hair or have them totally tangled up (and no we don’t want that).

Quick note from the Backpacker to other backpacker : hold on tight to your sunglasses and New Era cap. 

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