The Princess & The Backpacker

This is a modern Gen Y fairy tale. 

Once upon a time (when people would actually check time on clocks and not on their smartphones)…

…a thousand miles away from the Eiffel Tower (okay maybe it was just a few kilometers), a Princess was born. Her father was the king of a far away country called India but she grew up next to Disneyland Paris, in an old castle with a black cat and a scary step-father. 

She was very joyful and made it a point to spread happiness and pink glitters everwhere she would go. She had started a career in this field, crossed the ocean (the Atlantic if you really want to know) and met wonderful people along the way. Yet something was missing in her life…

Long story short, that is when she met the Backpacker on Instagram and was instantly carried away by his stories of exploring the Balkans, learning about history in his native Rome and his dreams of going back to this heavenly place called Thaïland.

He couldn’t wait to travel again, so after freeing himself from any commitments or expectations, he decided to take this newly found princess on an adventure…

And that’s how it all started…

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  1. Marlene says:

    Espero ser una de esas personas especiales que conociste del otro lado del océano, amiga!
    Hermosa tu historia, tus fotos y tus ganas de compartir la alegría por el mundo. Argentina siempre te espera con los brazos abiertos! ❤❤

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